Floristry Foam (usually referred to as Oasis) is a very useful tool which really helps when our florists are making large designs – the foam helps to weigh down the design and importantly is brilliant at holding water to keep the design looking fresh for several days… However, more and more here at the farm, we are working on becoming foam free! After all, if it’s possible for the latest Royal Wedding to be foam free, – it surely must be possible for us too 🙂

We have been researching Oasis and Foam in floristry and it has its negatives… It’s a petrochemical that doesn’t break down in a landfill and unlike the alternatives, it can really only be used once which means the waste issue is a serious one. It can’t be composted and as all our plant material gets recycled this makes it a bit of a headache as well. When dry the foam breaks down into dust which is labelled harmful to the skin and when wet it leaches chemicals into the water which doesn’t really help the plants either.

So, in short, we will be moving to foam free wherever we can – mostly replacing the oasis with just water but in some cases chicken wire and moss which we can re-use. These methods actually fit with our more natural designs a treat so it’s no biggy to replace the foam whenever we can. #workinprogress

Want to help the whole foam free movement along? Ask for foam-free designs wherever you buy your flowers from and of course, ask us and we will be delighted to work within your brief.

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This arch was built by Monty (if you want the metalwork to do your own flowers – you can email him for a quote) and then the flowers put together by Lydia and Rach


This table runner was made for Chase for their Feast in the Furrows even and was made on chicken wire stuffed with oasis. Flowers by Heather.