As we just start to wind down a little after the frenzy of our wedding season, I was just reflecting on this year’s vibe.

Here are the three main trends we’ve noticed.

* Glorious Greenery… With Harry and Megan taking the lead many more couples chose the classic option of greens/whites/creams but we also noticed a real excitement about greenery. This is a great way to bring texture and interest to the day without going mad on the budget. Harry and Megan used lots of native foliage and again this is a great way of incorporating more locally grown decoration into your big day #grownnotflown

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* Less pink… We can’t claim that pinks are out of fashion – not for a wedding for sure. After all who can resist Sarah Bernhardt peonies in May and June and we adore pink here on the farm… BUT, so many more brides chose unusual combinations for their flowers this year and how refreshing is that. Dark burgundy with oranges, mauves with yellows… Colour combinations that just didn’t happen a few years ago. We love to match an unusual brief from a confident bride who wants something out of the norm. The great thing is our fabulous team of florists – Kat, Lydia, Jo and Jenny can combine the colours sympathetically and of course, it is true – Mother Nature ensures absolutely nothing ever clashes – amazing really!




* Dried flowers… Once so utterly out of fashion that you’d only see the occasional faded bunch in the loo of your local (and even then covered in spiders webs) I can happily assure you that dried flowers ARE BACK! We have designed over 20 dried flower weddings this year and bookings are coming in weekly for next year! So, what’s the appeal? Instead of the country twee look that dominated the 80’s we are bringing unusual colour combinations and flowers and foliage into the mix to give a really fresh (pardon the pun) look into preserved blooms. Once you decide you love the look, of course, the other benefits go on and on… No need to worry about looking after them before the day, no need to worry if the weather is really hot and even better they can be kept and treasured for years to come.


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