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Arranging your Dried Letterbox Flowers

Arranging your Dried Letterbox Flowers

1: Open your box carefully, open the ribbon and unpack all of the dried blooms on to a table. Sort similar stems together.

2: Begin arranging by holding a single stem in one hand, then add other stems to that hand - turning the arrangement clockwise every time you add a stem. Mix the tighter stems in the centre, getting wilder and larger as the arrangement grows - save some of the more-spindly material for the very outside.

3: Keep turning the top of the arrangement to you, making sure you have an equal spread of stems and colour. At this point, you can push stems into the arrangement from the top by just loosening your grip slightly. Don’t be afraid to start again if it’s not to your liking.

4: Once you’ve used all the other material do one last rotation of the arrangement - adding the spindly material around the whole outside. Again, keep checking how it looks from the top.

5: Tie at the tightest point of the stem and carefully release your grip. At this point, you can move stems about to adjust the arrangement.

6: Trim the base of the posy to fit in your jug or vase - alternatively leave them long and wild and stand it upright on a flat surface.


These will shortly be available to order on our new site - in the meantime please order on Not on the High Street here; https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/cottageinthehills/product/dried-letter-box-flowers