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Florist School - Class 2 - Sourcing Flowers

Florist School - Class 2 - Sourcing Flowers

Our Buckets of British Blooms are the ideal way to purchase a supply of beautiful British flowers for you to arrange yourself and make your own Arrangements. Our standard Bucket makes about 4-5 Small Arrangements. Our large Bucket makes about 8-9 Small Arrangements. Our XL Bucket makes about 11-12 Small Arrangements. We sell these in 3 different themes; Classic- Whites, Creams and Greens for the classic sophisticated wedding look. English Cottage Garden- A mix of colour for the ‘Hand-picked straight from the garden’ look. You Choose the Flowers- Give us your key colour/ theme and what flowers/ colours you specifically don’t want and we will work to produce a mix to suit you. PLEASE NOTE: The quantity and size of flowers will vary from bucket to bucket, but the value will, of course, remain the same. You will however always have the following minimum stem counts in the buckets; Our Standard Bucket (£40) will include a minimum stem count of 30 stems. Our Large Bucket (£60) will include a minimum stem count of 45 stems Our XL Bucket (£80) will include a minimum stem count of 65 stems We will always add 15% extra to the bucket to allow for any blemishes or if any of the flowers have been bashed about in transit. Order your British Flower Buckets HERE Here is a short video about our Buckets of British Blooms, explaining what you will be able to make from each one. This is mostly relevant to weddings but the sizes equate to most arrangements. [embed][/embed]

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  ---------- Of Course if you’d rather learn from the best and get the lesson straight from us, you can now…

Book a Flower Workshop! The courses will include:
  • All the materials needed to make the final product to be taken away
  • Tea / Coffee and cake
  • Tuition to be able to make the product
You can also buy a Flower Workshop gift voucher which make a perfect gift. They are available in £15, £25, £50, and if you want to gift someone a whole course, £65. They are available to order online HERE.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely bouquet of flowers that you sent to my daughter today. She's been shielding since February so these made her day. She was delighted that there were no lilies in the flowers as she suffers with hayfever. Thank you - Helen P

Just to say a lovely thank you for the beautiful arrangement of flowers for the funeral sheaf I ordered for my fathers funeral. He was 91 and always interested in the environment and wildflowers. The arrangement was just perfect. Many thanks once again - Magda B

My family arranged for you to deliver flowers for my birthday last Monday and I have to say that they are the best flowers I have ever received! After a week they are still looking amazing and are likely to do so for several days yet. Thank you very much! - Mary B