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Lavenders deliver on ALL fronts. For your wildlife garden there are few things more attractive for bees than lavender. They LOVE it! They are HIGHLY scented, they are so on trend and attract bees… They are a herb and an evergreen and you can use them for edging a path or in your flower borders. Make pot pourri out of it by rubbing off the individual florits into sachets for your knicker drawer! Hang a bunch under your hot tap for a scented bath without chemical bubble bath… Use as cut flowers around your home and dry the stems of your lavender once cut and tie with string to make fantastic pond clearer when the water goes green in the Spring. Here at The Great British Florist we grow our lavender and we use lots of it. It is brilliant for buttonholes as whilst it is tiny – it delivers scent and beauty and is really hardy to last the whole day.