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Our New Dried Flower Wreaths!

Looking for a spectacular arrangement to brighten up your home this spring? You need one of our amazing Dried Flower Wreaths! Full of a whole range of dried flowers, foliage, twigs, feathers and other lovlieness they will last and last and never fail to impress! Dried Wreaths make a great centerpiece in a barn or kitchen or outside on your door and they are just perfect as a rustic wedding decoration. The flowers will vary but will always be as colourful and equally as beautiful, our range of Dried Flowers is lager than ever - packed full of colour, texture and scent! Below we've got a few new varieties for you to choose from - All from £35! HUNTERSANDHEELS SPRING WREATH This delightful flower ring contains a whole mixture of amazing dried flowers and foliage in deep greens, whites, yellows and a lovely touch of red. It contains; Dried Roses, Gyp, Eryngium, Achillea, Lavender, Nigella Orientlis and lots more! https://www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk/huntersandheels-spring.html     VIBRANT NESTING WREATH This flower ring is packed with all sorts of dried flowers and foliage in bright pinks and yellows - PLUS lots of nesting material for those garden birds to use. Contents may vary but we promise that it will be just delightful! This Wreath will look great on your wall or fence, but it will also help your birds. It contains everything your birds will need for a great home. Think high quality self-build in a kit... for birds! https://www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk/vibrant-nesting-wreath.html  
Don't like our set arrangements? Why not choose your own theme here choose what colours you'd like us to include and what you'd definitely like us to avoid and our florists will create something beautiful and bespoke!