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Writing a Best Man's Speech

Writing a Best Man's Speech

Wedding speeches can be a very nerve-racking aspect of any wedding. Who makes the speeches and In what order? Who thanks who? How long should they be? Here is the traditional wedding speech etiquette but remember that speeches can e adapted to best suit your wedding.               THE BEST MAN   The final speech of the day and perhaps the one look forward to the most! The best man's speech is expected to be witty and humorous, revealing some funny stones about the groom. It doesn't have to be Long, Some of the most effective are short and sweet, with amusing one-liners". ??? says that the best man's speech shouldn't last longer then It will take the bride and groom to consummate their marriage!   Traditionally   Read any messages from absent friends. Tell stories about the groom often including some funny anecdotes. Tell a light-hearted story to embarrass the groom, hut Ideally not relating to the stag night! Include stories about the newlyweds and compliment the bride.   Toast: "to Mr and Mrs...   It is usual to announce the cutting of the cake after thus final toast.