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Writing a Father of the Bride's Speech

Wedding speeches can be a very nerve-racking aspect of any wedding. Who makes the speeches and In what order? Who thanks who? How long should they be? Here is the traditional wedding speech etiquette but remember that speeches can e adapted to best suit your wedding.     THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE’S SPEECH This is usually the first speech of the day, and the hardest to get right. Some fathers go for the tear-jerking public concession of love for their daughter, whilst others decide that this is an opportunity to give an alternative best man’s speech. The ’right answer is usually a combination of the two. This speech can be given by whoever gave the bride away.   Traditionally:   It is traditional to thank the people who have travelled a long way to be with you. Acknowledge the key elderly relatives who are sharing it with you. Compliment the bride strike a good balance between sincerity and humour. Possibly tel some stories or anecdotes of her childhood. Compliment and welcome the groom (and if possible his family).   Toast: ”to the bride and groom'