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These delightful old fashioned mega blooms are one of our absolute favourite flowers. For me usually they are fairly underwhelming in the garden (although I do realise many people will argue this point…) But anyway, these blousy blooms ooze glamour and really come to life right in the middle of a bouquet for sure… Check out these photos to prove the point! I love the fact that the season is short (although this year our main supplier of English Peonies had her season cut very short due to the rain and wind L but usually you can expect UK grown peonies between the end of May and July… perfect for the wedding season. The most popular type is Sarah Bernhardt peony which was introduced in 1906 by the French breeder Monsieur Lemoine and named after Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress - some say the most famous actress the world has ever known. Huge, apple blossom pink, sweetly perfumed. This is a focal flower with a serious WOW factor. Five Peony Factoids...
  1. Peonies come in every colour but blue.
  2. Peony plants can live to be 100 years and still produce flowers in optimal conditions. (just planting some in our garden now… I will post photos as they grow)
  3. The pink flowers are more fragrant than the maroon flowers.
  4. The root and seed of the peony was frequently used in the past for treatment of headache and asthma and to relieve pain associated with childbirth!
  5. The Peony signifies wealth, elegance, romance and honour.