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Random Act of Floweriness Winner #3 - Edith Illingsworth

To celebrate British Flowers week we asked our customers to nominate someone to receive a wonderful British Flower Posy! We wanted them to nominate someone special who really deserves a treat, never has time for themselves or has overcome some amazing difficulties. Introducing Edith Illingsworth - the winner of a Random Act of Floweriness! We chose Edith because we think that she truly deserves to have her day brightened by our British Flowers!   Unfortunately we don't have a photo of Edith with her flowers but she sent us a wonderful letter and thank-you card which you can read below!   Edith was nominated by her granddaughter Amelia who said; "The lady I have nominated is my Grandmother, one of my biggest inspirations in life. She has spent her whole life putting others first; from travelling the lengths and breadths of the country on buses visiting the sick in hospital and elderly in nursing homes (which she still does, despite being older than most of the "elderly") to, up until last year, running various children's clubs in Hay on Wye. She has never been able to drive, but still managed to get around the countryside to support those that needed it, even if it meant several bus transfers and/or a walk at the other end. She doesn't complain, even when she probably really does feel like it sometimes. We sadly lost my Grandfather 6 years ago but she has continued to support family and friends despite the heartache she must have felt losing her soul mate. Recently she has become quite poorly and I am sure that #randomactoffloweriness would certainly brighten up her day and show her how much she is appreciated by everyone." When we revealed Amelia's nomination to Edith and told her she'd won Edith commented; "How can I thank you for the wonderful lovely flowers you sent me a few weeks back? They arrived out of the blue when I was feeling low and full of pain! It was just like a miracle and such a wonderful surprise! (I really couldn't take it in that they were for me?!) My Granddaughter phoned to explain to me where they came from & my youngest son carried them through in the vase for me to see!!! It was wonderful! Such an amazing surprise, so tho' quite ill at the time, they seemed just like a miracle from heaven confirming God was with me. I am afraid I was unable to take pictures to send you, but nevertheless you have my heartfelt gratitude for brightening the day for this 92 year old (incurable) cancer sufferer. They remain in my heart! Diolch yn fawr!"
Thanks to all of the people who nominated someone to win a Random Act of Kindness - we were inundated with truly amazing stories and people who deserve to have their day brightened, unfortunately we only have 10 posies to send - but we really appreciate the time taken to get involved and nominate someone.

Check back over the upcoming weeks to see the remaining winners!