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Random Act of Floweriness Winner #4 - Abby Phillips

To celebrate British Flowers week we asked our customers to nominate someone to receive a wonderful British Flower Posy! We wanted them to nominate someone special who really deserves a treat, never has time for themselves or has overcome some amazing difficulties. Introducing Abby Phillips - the winner of a Random Act of Floweriness! We chose Abby because we think that she truly deserves to have her day brightened by our British Flowers! Abby was nominated by her mother Debbie who said; "My daughter Abby is an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out. She lost her first daughter at a day old due to a preventable condition called Vasa Praevia. She has since raised money and awareness of this condition through fundraising and her strength is truly inspirational. She has since had a second daughter Evie and has just recently become engaged to her partner Jim, who has been her rock throughout. I would love for Abby to receive a bunch of your gorgeous flowers to show how much we all love and admire her. She is always smiling and happy , even though I know she is still struggling with the loss of her little Sophie." When we revealed Debbie's nomination to Abby and told her she'd won Abby commented; "Thank you so so much for my random act of floweriness! This beautiful (and huge) posy has brightened up my morning for sure and it's beyond lovely that my mum nominated me to receive it. Many, many thanks! Abby"
Thanks to all of the people who nominated someone to win a Random Act of Kindness - we were inundated with truly amazing stories and people who deserve to have their day brightened, unfortunately we only have 10 posies to send - but we really appreciate the time taken to get involved and nominate someone.

Check back over the upcoming weeks to see the remaining winners!