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Random Act of Floweriness Winner #5 - Johanna Clarke

To celebrate British Flowers week we asked our customers to nominate someone to receive a wonderful British Flower Posy! We wanted them to nominate someone special who really deserves a treat, never has time for themselves or has overcome some amazing difficulties. Introducing Johanna Clarke - the winner of a Random Act of Floweriness! We chose Johanna because we think that she truly deserves to have her day brightened by our British Flowers!     Johanna was nominated by her sister Rachael who said; "My twin sister went through the most terrible time from late September to well after the start of the new year. Johanna's husband Graham died late November from Lung Cancer that he had for just under 5 years. He was 63 last year. For the last few months of his life he became so weak. He would collapse getting out of the car, part way up the stairs. He needed constant care to which the only outside support given was in fact the night before he died. Because of a mixture of local services changing address / phone numbers it became impossible to contact them when help was required. Graham's wishes were to die at home. Though she was at the end of her tether, she kept saying. I agreed to go in for the long hall when we married all those years ago. "In sickness and in health". I can't go against his wishes. Since his death Johanna has immersed herself in getting the house repairs done. To know other people care - would be such a surprise to her."   Upon receiving her flowers Johanna commented; "My beautiful hand tied posy of flowers arrived this morning and they look and smell divine. Further they were delivered by a singing APC courier driver. He knew my name was Johanna –and was singing that old song to me whilst on the door step with a fabulous smile on his face. It made my day." "Thank you so very much. In recent months, the feel of the fresh air on my face, the warmth of the sun, being in the garden and being surrounded by flowers has been a vital part of my recovery process. I am very lucky to have such a caring family that were there for me when I was looking after Graham. The difficult times are beginning to recede and I am remembering more those happy times with great affection."
Thanks to all of the people who nominated someone to win a Random Act of Kindness - we were inundated with truly amazing stories and people who deserve to have their day brightened, unfortunately we only have 10 posies to send - but we really appreciate the time taken to get involved and nominate someone.

Check back over the upcoming weeks to see the remaining winners!