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Random Act of Floweriness Winner #7 - Amy Davies

Random Act of Floweriness Winner #7 - Amy Davies

To celebrate British Flowers week we asked our customers to nominate someone to receive a wonderful British Flower Posy! We wanted them to nominate someone special who really deserves a treat, never has time for themselves or has overcome some amazing difficulties. Introducing Amy Davies - the winner of a Random Act of Floweriness! We chose Amy because we think that she truly deserves to have her day brightened by our British Flowers! Amy was nominated by her friend Amy who said; "When we lost our son, Koby, at 5 months old, our best friends Amy and Ed didn't leave our sides until we asked them to. They were there when we woke up in the morning, they left after we were asleep, they stayed with us all night if we couldn't sleep, they made us eat, let us scream at them, cry on them and when things got worse they stepped us to protect us. We were arrested two days after Koby passed away unexpectedly. We were told it was routine but we were hand cuffed and escorted in separate cars to the police station. I couldn't go on and I couldn't cope. I broke down and all the police could do was raise their voice at me saying "you have to get in the car". Ed wasn't allowed to be with us and neither was my Mum. Amy told the police to back off for a minute and calmed me down the only way I know how - meditation. She then got me dressed, came with me and sat with me for more than 12 hours in a cell whilst the police interrogated us. She protected us both in our time of need. She has then gone on to help me through the birth of our second son, was their in the room with me, supported me emotionally and physically. She is about to be my maid of honour and she keeps me sane every single day. She is my rock. I would not be here today without her. A beautiful posy to brighten her day would be a lovely way to say thank you...." When we revealed Amy's nomination to Amy and told her she'd won Amy commented; "Wow! What a lovely nomination. Received the email after having a small operation yesterday. Certainly brightened my day! I haven't had the best year so far. However, I am surrounded by lovely family and friends who give me plenty of reasons to smile. The support from everyone around me has been amazing. Thank you very much for selecting me. "
Thanks to all of the people who nominated someone to win a Random Act of Kindness - we were inundated with truly amazing stories and people who deserve to have their day brightened, unfortunately we only have 10 posies to send - but we really appreciate the time taken to get involved and nominate someone.

Check back over the upcoming weeks to see the remaining winners!


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely bouquet of flowers that you sent to my daughter today. She's been shielding since February so these made her day. She was delighted that there were no lilies in the flowers as she suffers with hayfever. Thank you - Helen P

Just to say a lovely thank you for the beautiful arrangement of flowers for the funeral sheaf I ordered for my fathers funeral. He was 91 and always interested in the environment and wildflowers. The arrangement was just perfect. Many thanks once again - Magda B

My family arranged for you to deliver flowers for my birthday last Monday and I have to say that they are the best flowers I have ever received! After a week they are still looking amazing and are likely to do so for several days yet. Thank you very much! - Mary B