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Special Offer - 2 Fresh Hopbines for £40 - SAVE £18!

Hops are an integral ingredient in beer, where they add the distinctive flavour and bitterness but they also make a fabulous decoration and are amazing at absorbing odours – which is why pubs love them and also a great reason why a garland of hops in your kitchen will work hard for you as well as look good. Our hops are an old variety called Fuggles and were grown on local farm, the Haven. In the past, hop cones were also used as a herbal remedy and stuffed into pillows to treat insomia and we’ve revived this ancient tradition with our new Hop Pillows. Harvesting the hops has always been a major part of the passing seasons. Up until the 1950s, thousands of extra hop-pickers would be brought in from South Wales and the Black Country, on trains known as ‘hop-pickers’ specials’. Many looked forward to harvest time as a bit of a holiday in the countryside! These beautiful Herefordshire Hopbines make wonderful decorations. We’ve started drying the bines, ready for you to garland around the house, but the process will continue for many months as they fade from green to a soft creamy gold. We have left the leaves on the bines but, if you don’t like them, you can simply pull them off and pop them on your compost heap. Festoon our Hopbines around your kitchen, across beams, up stairs or anywhere you want to add a bit of Herefordshire into your home. Traditionally they were hung for a year and then replaced with new bines from the next harvest, but they will last much longer if you want. Top Tip: Your hops have a tendency to drop especially when you hang them. A quick fix of hairspray will help hold them together whilst you hang them up.
  To order it couldn't be easier - Simply pop on over to http://www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk/herefordshire-hopbines.html, add two of our lovely fresh hopbines to your basket and you will be automatically discounted £18 to make your two bines £20 each!