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What do you want to know about designing and arranging your own Wedding Flowers?

OK dear Brides! You’ve talked us into it! We reckon we have a squillion (give or take a million or two) brides, grooms, Mums and aunts asking about putting together DIY wedding flowers. Example FAQ’s How much money can I save if I put together my own wedding flowers? How much time will it take to put together the bridal party flowers and the venue flowers? How do we set the style so that it works and looks great on the day. Where is the best place to source inexpensive blooms? How do I make sure the flowers last for the whole wedding? And the list goes on and on. And we love it as whilst we love to design and put together all sorts of event flowers we also adore seeing you folks make your own designs and create exactly what you want to, and at the same time save lots of useful pennies! So, here’s what we are going to do about it. We are going to create a complete course to help answer all of the questions raised from our experience of helping over 500 brides and their families put together the flowers for their big day. We'd be ever so grateful if you could take a minute out to fill out our short questionnaire below.