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Waste not want not...

Waste not want not...

You will already know we do not like waste here on the farm…
If you are ever coming our way on your way to Hay Festival or similar (We are halfway between Hereford and Hay-On-Wye on the B4352) LOOK OUT for our flower and birdfood shed… Anyway, there are all sorts of secret goodies inside this like oasis - a flowery birdseedy heaven in rural Herefordshire… It’s true. Inside there are leftover flowers… We have a guarantee on flowers sent via a courier that our flowers will last for seven days so if there are flowers that aren’t used fresh we just can’t despatch them…. AND SO…. they go to the end of the drive and get popped in our little shed. This is a WIN WIN we think. 
1: If you pick up flowers from the shed you pay whatever you think is fair.
2: All flowers despatched via our courier are utterly fresh and in tip top condition and with a guarantee
3: Less waste, less to compost…
4: Happy locals (well mostly :) )
Same goes for birdseed - if you want to feed the birds and don’t mind what the mix is - pop over and pick up a tub - it could be anything - it may have been mixed incorrectly or where the changeover of seed takes place in the hopper - but whatever it is your birds will love it and your pocket will too!