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Welcome to British Flowers Week!

Here are a few reasons why we LOVE British Flowers!

We LOVE British Flowers and so do our customers; Our Beautiful Brides, our fab local businesses, our Families arranging funerals and our loved ones sending gifts. We’re proud to say that all of the flowers we use are #grownnotflown and are naturally beautiful. Our British Flower Farmers need the support from the British public and British Flowers Week is a great opportunity for them to get the publicity they deserve. Nearly 90% of the flowers sold in the UK are actually imported, and many travel over 3000 miles. In fact the last survey I saw was that the average bouquet on Valentines Day travels 4365 miles! Of course there is a valid argument for global trade, for job creation in poor countries, and indeed there are many measures in place to help with working conditions and lowering the carbon footprint of well-travelled flowers. But when all is said and done, with just 10% of flowers sold here grown here it does seem we have slightly lost the plot… Buying British does mean you can’t always have exactly what you fancy at any time of year. That’s true enough… does this mean you won’t have fabulous flowers though? Not at all! We have a variety of flowers all year round (some grown indoors) guaranteed to delight you and even better they will be fresher, more scented and last longer in your vase. Most of them are pretty seasonal and just as veggies taste better in season, to us flowers look better in season too. It can take up to 8 days after picking for overseas flowers to be available in British Shops, our flowers can be picked, packed and with you in only 48 hours. Imported petrol station flowers maybe cheaper- but with British Flowers you really do get more for your money.
  • British flowers are grown not flown. The average flower miles of our bouquets are less than a tenth of their foreign counterparts.
  • British flowers make British farmers happy (almost! :0)) Our flowers are helping to ensure our farm remains a mixed family farm.
  • British flower farms help biodiversity. The flowers you buy from The Great British Florist have already provided food and habitat to a huge variety of butterflies, bugs, and bees.
[embed]https://vimeo.com/122294649[/embed] In short by committing to British flowers, - you are also supporting British farmers and our British wildlife. And so on behalf of the bees, butterflies, bugs and birds of Great Britain, thank you kindly!

You can find our more details on British Flowers Week by visiting http://www.britishflowersweek.com/ and remember to tweet your support by using #britishflowersweek