2019 Week 2 | Thanks to your support we delivered 5390 stems of British Flowers and Foliage #grownnotflown

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#grownnotflown How British are we?
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In our view, most traditional funeral flower arrangements just don't reflect our loved ones and their real lives. Most flowers for funerals are just too formal, too regimented, and often just too white. Our flowers will look as if they have been gathered from our garden (and many of them will have been). They're a tiny bit wild: They're natural, green, and they're gorgeous, and they're handpicked and prepared in our floristry. They are made to celebrate and remember real lives, and real loves. If you need help please just call us - we know how difficult it can be to get everything right, - and we'll be really pleased to ensure that all of the detail is taken care of, with the minimum of bother for you.

Please note:

If your order for funeral flowers is for a service on a Monday or Tuesday, please ensure that you order the flowers to be despatched the previous Thursday for a Friday delivery, and that you - or the funeral director are able to take full responsibility for the flowers once they arrive.

They will be sent in bud, and so they will last until the day as long as the care instructions are followed. They will need fresh water and to be kept in a cool place. NB: Unless the above is an option, we cannot supply your flowers, and your order will not be accepted for processing if it is placed online. These conditions of sale are to ensure that flowers are not in transit over the weekend, - and are delivered in perfect condition, and in good time.