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Meet The Wedding Flower Team

Helping you to put faces to the names of our team responsible for Taking, Making and Mailing your Wedding Flower Order.

It's often helpful before you order something as important as your wedding flowers to be able to see the process and team that are working on your order. We have a number of different steps to ensure that we are producing exactly what you want and that the flowers arrive to you exactly as you want.

Our wedding team are here to help. Whether you want a bespoke service where we come and turn your wedding and venue into a bounty of Beautiful Flowers or you want to make your own Flower Bouquet we will do our best to deliver your dreams within your budget.



Heather Gorringe

Heather is our first port of call, she deals with the ideas and inspiration - ensuring you know exactly what you want and that we can fulfill your requests. If you arrange a consultation it's highly likely that you'll be speaking to heather.

Alex Wilson

Alex is our new Client Manager - tasked with making your jouney of ordering your wedding flowers go as smooth as possible. You'll probably have lots of email contact and meet her at a consultation, before she passes your tastes, requirements and specifications over to our florists.





Rachel Jones

Rach processes orders ready for the courier to pick them up and does the final quality control checks. She is the last port of call before your flowers arrive with you, she'll also be the one who tracks your order to make sure they arrive safe and sound.

San Montague

San deals with the logistics of your order, such as putting the order through on the system, converting ideas into products. She also arranges the delivery of your flowers - either by ourselves or with a courier.