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#grownnotflown How British are we?
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Huge Congratulations!

We hope you will find this guide really useful and that it helps you to make decisions about the biggest day of your life. Whether you are thinking of glamour, greenery, nature or nostalgia (or all of the above!), we are here to help the whole day flow and give you advice on how to make sure in particular that your flowers look (and SMELL!) amazing.

Flowers are very often a big part of your wedding planning – and whether you want us to put together a complete set of bespoke designs or just supply some Buckets of Blooms for DIY, we can ensure that you have delightful, seasonal unique flowers which fit perfectly with your theme and colour palette.

Why we are a little bit different – WELL… completely original to be honest!

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If you’d like to have a chat about your wedding flowers please do give us a call on 01981 500930 or drop an email to our cheery client manager – at weddings@greatbritishflorist.co.uk

If you’d like more info start with our Good Wedding Guide. Just download it here: http://www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk/good-wedding-guide

dont just take our word for it
The Great British Florist were fantastic. Very very helpful and understood exactly what I wanted!! The flowers were out of this world. All arrangements were as requested and went beyond expectation. Customer service was brilliant. I really felt like the staff really cared about my wedding.
With a short time frame, The Great British Florist delivered 28 different floral items from large table items to the simple button holes. All on time and even better than we had hoped for.
GBF did exactly what I wanted (to 'outsource' the decision making/design process) and their style was perfect for me. I was delighted with the flowers and got so many positive comments. Some may be nervous about not knowing exactly what you are getting but I found this exciting, and loved the surprise!
I wanted to have traditional english flowers at my wedding, with a look and feel being very informal. My bouquet was stunning - even the bees appreciated it just before entering the church! Everyone commented on the flowers - my bouquet and those at the reception.
I had no colour scheme and wanted wild flowers. The florist was extremely helpful when I called explaining sizing of the bouquet, etc. Both bouquet and buttonhole were fabulous.
They were absolutely brilliant. GBF delivered what they promised and more. I was blown away by the customer service in addition to how perfect the bouquet was when it arrived and lasted long after the celebrations ended. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The flowers were fantastic and suited our informal wedding perfectly. We selected the mixed seasonal bouquet (for bride and bridesmaid). Everyone has commented on them from the photos. We also ordered 2 button holes, and these are drying to be kept as reminders of the day. Lovely flowers.
I loved my wedding flowers, they were a beautiful selection of native blooms. They arrived in perfect condition and were much admired. I gave the bouquet to my Mum after the wedding and the bouquet lasted for a week. Great customer service on the phone too.
An outstanding company who provided flowers posted straight to my venue that were exactly what I wanted and arrived in a perfect state.This was very important for me as a bride who was getting married over a 4 hour drive from my home town. A traditional florist would not have been able to offer this.
I had been searching for months for the perfect bouquet. As a pagan I wanted something that looked as if I had just gone to a field and gathered them. I was so delighted to find their site. And even better the flowers lasted for nearly 3 weeks so I still had them to enjoy after my honeymoon

Why choose us as your Wedding Florist?

Natural and Nostalgic

We love British Flowers and so we source as many as we possibly can. This means we have the unique and unusual - think farm foraging, old fashioned garden and meadow flowers mixed with indulgent abundance and you won’t go far wrong… By the way don’t think that our delightful blooms can’t be elegant or even a little formal. This is easily achieved with a tighter brief and a more focussed flower selection and bouquet shape… Happy Days.

Seasonal (means scented…)

Nearly 90% of the flowers sold in Britain are imported – often from Kenya and Colombia, which bring with it challenges in terms of the environment, labour laws, water and flower miles… We are committed to supporting home-grown flowers as much as we possibly can, which also means you will notice MUCH more scent.

Creative and Confident

Whether you are starting from scratch and need inspiration or have everything completely organised, we will be utterly butterly delighted to translate ideas and inspiration into real and unique designs.

Approachable and Cheery

Whilst we will take your order very seriously indeed in terms of making sure everything is in apple pie order for your wedding, we find having a giggle and keeping things cheery is best for the soul…  Ours and yours…  You can come and see us – you can email, skype, or facetime. You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram and more... We are indeed what we are… One of a kind!

Straight and Transparent

We like things straightforward and easy. No hassle, no mysteries or added extras… AND THIS IS WHY, dear heart, you will find all our standard products and designs online and clearly priced for your scrutiny…. Phew! (and yes, you can order them online HERE!)


You have to have ALL roses and it is the middle of Winter… or are obsessed with Peonies when it’s Easter Egg time J

We don’t expect you to know all the seasons of all the blooms but just to warn you that Mother Nature determines what’s available and when… We always have a huge range of colour and type of bloom and we can match closely to your theme and designs but we really do pick the very best blooms from our floristry on the day and cannot guarantee specific stems J You can of course have a wish list and a hates list and we will always, always ensure that your flowers delight.

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So pleased to have our flowers as part of Jon and Lauren's wedding and featured on Love My Dress - see what you think :)

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