2019 Week 23 | Thanks to your support we delivered 2275 stems of British Flowers and Foliage #grownnotflown

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#grownnotflown How British are we?
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Sending a posy is just the ticket when you want to send good wishes or love, but don’t necessarily want the full whammy of a bouquet. The beauty is, that we can use shorter stemmed flowers in our posies and wedding posies, that would normally risk getting lost in a big bouquet. Just so that you know, posies became really popular in the Victorian era. You gave a posy (or as it was known in some parts Nosegay (!) or Tussie-Mussie) to your loved one to carry as an accessory to look good – and to smell good too! (Well, there was a lack of Right Guard about in those days you know…)