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Real Petal Confetti

How much will I need?

We sell your confetti in litres. Bearing in mind it is all going to go over you we suggest you have 4 - 5 litres for a wedding of between 50 and 100 guests but of course this is a matter of choice rather than rule.

How shall I dispense the confetti?

The easiest way to dispense it is to use the bag or a small basket and put it at the church door or where you would like people to throw it and then when the time comes one of your ushers or bridesmaids can simply offer it and handfuls can be taken and thrown accordingly (makes a fabulous photo) Or, alternatively you can make your own cones etc.

Are your petals natural and compostable?

Yes, we only supply natural real petal confetti.

Will my Church or venue allow Natural Petals

Just about all churches and venues want a natural biodegradable confetti - and our petals will break down in a couple of days just like the blossom that falls of the trees.