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#grownnotflown How British are we?
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The Great British Florist – who we are, what we do and what we promise

Here at GBF we aim to be great, British, florists.

We pledge to deliver the very best – whether that’s the best quality, service, value or provenance to all of our customers and to be open, honest and transparent in our dealings with them and our suppliers.

We are proud to actively promote British flowers. Not only are flowers that are #grownnotflown kind to the environment, they are fresh, scented and are naturally beautiful. Buying British flowers means we are supporting British growers, many of whom are small, independent businesses and of course helping to lower flower miles - because at the moment only 10 per cent of the flowers sold in Britain are actually grown here.

All our staff are professionals; approachable and trustworthy experts, who will always work very closely with clients and can offer the very best advice and support, ensuring that customers get exactly what it is they are looking for – from a simple posy to glorious flowers for a whole wedding. We are design innovators and many of our customers return time and again because we can deliver the wow factor they are seeking from their floral displays. We are constantly updating and upgrading our skills and knowledge to be at the cutting edge of artisan floral design. We will always aim to deliver what our customers want, in an efficient and effective manner; never, ever, compromising on quality.

We promise a consistent service, guaranteeing quality of products and delivery and will strive to get it right first time, every time.

One of the things GBF customers love is our clear pricing structure… you always know what you are getting for your pennies and there are no hidden extras. Whether you buy a buttonhole or the flowers for a funeral or a wedding our pricing policy is straightforward and upfront and our team works hard to ensure that you can order everything online quickly and simply or if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements with a real live human floral expert then you can telephone us.

We are also committed to having as little negative impact on the environment as we possibly can, and constantly look for ways to improve how we do things. We also strive to have a positive impact on our communities and offer support wherever possible. We are proud supporters of Rotary and all three directors are members of Hereford City Rotary Club.

If ever things don’t quite go to plan we will always investigate thoroughly and should we identify areas that need to be changed or improved we will do that – and make sure everyone who needs to be is involved in every stage of the process.

We aim to be one of Britain’s top businesses in our sector and to always be that little bit different – that little bit better. And we want to make sure we – and you – have fun as we work together.

About us

Just how British is The Great British Florist?

We have been operating as a specialist on-farm florist since 2012 and are based in the deepest depths of rural Herefordshire at Lower Blakemere Farm – a working mixed farm. We grow many of our own flowers, and also buy from other suppliers and growers. We actively opt for British blooms and have a consistent all-year-round supply of a variety of flowers and foliage. The difference between The Great British Florist and other companies is that ALL our fresh, hand-tied posies and bouquets contain some flowers or foliage grown in the UK. This mix ensures we can match colour and theme and have variety all year round and it also helps to encourage British supply and British-grown blooms.

This also means that we will ALWAYS have a range of British bouquets that are clearly marked as 100 per cent British Grown for you to select, or when you choose any of our fresh, mixed-provenance bouquets you will know that we will use as many UK-grown flowers as practically possible. When these flowers are packed we will stamp the packaging with the information on how many stems of UK-grown flowers or foliage are in that particular design. Because of the seasonal variations in supply our bouquets and arrangements are all unique.


As British farmers ourselves we are proud to be supporting British farmers and growers and we are all passionate about the British countryside. Our website is full of information and links that can help you find out more about what we do…. and how countryside issues affect us all – wherever we live.

We are actively lobbying to see a proper British Flowers Quality Assurance Mark – similar to the very successful Red Tractor campaign to show, without doubt, that flowers labelled as British really have been grown and not flown, giving customers complete peace of mind. Until that happens we have our own written contracts and stringent purchasing policy on buying UK grown-flowers - giving the customer complete control over what they purchase.

The bird and the bees – and the bugs

The Great British Florist is part of our small company Wiggly Wigglers - a natural gardening business. On our farm we have a walled garden, a wildflower meadow and a small cutting patch. We forage in our hedgerows and we use wheat and barley grown on the farm in our designs.

We understand the need for global trade and supporting other economies through cash crops and trade, but when around 90 per cent of the cut flowers sold here in the UK are grown overseas and our British flower growing industry has been decimated it really is time to stand up and do something about it. We’re not here to save the planet, but we are here to help promote our UK floweriness. We have a huge range of gorgeous, nostalgic country blooms and we know by our own experience that these by their very nature, are providing a feast for bugs, butterflies and birds, so by joining us in buying British flowers not only are you sending something beautiful and glorious, you are supporting British wildlife and biodiversity at the same time. What’s not to love?

Useful Links

If you want to know more about our farm (or farming in general) please follow Farmer Phil on Twitter and ask @FarmrPhil or pop to Wiggly Wigglers.

If you’d like to read more about flower production overseas here are a few links, we recommend Amy Stewart’s book – Flower Confidential if you want to find out even more…

Meet the Great British Florist team….

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